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Apps for Mobile. What to look out for

In this article, we'll look at five tips for maintaining our Android phone, offering valuable tips to keep our device efficient and safe.

1. Application Store:

The Google Play Store is the official app download platform for Android, and using it ensures that the apps you download have undergone Google's security procedures. By downloading apps only from this source, you significantly reduce the risk of installing malware or apps that may affect the security of your device.

The Google Play Store offers security mechanisms, such as Google Play Protect, which scans apps for malware before downloading and during installation. The platform also provides stats, reviews and ratings from other users, providing an extra level of trust.

Avoid sources of apps from outside the Google Play Store, as they may not have undergone a security check. Downloading from unreliable sources increases the risk of installing apps that include malware, which can cause security and privacy issues on your device.


2. Read the Reviews and Ratings:

Before you decide to download an app, it is important to read the reviews and ratings given by other users. Reviews provide valuable information about the performance, functionality and security of an app. Look for recent reviews and ratings, as these may reflect the most recent user experience.

Also, consider the number of critics. A large number of positive reviews is usually a good sign, but you can also read some negative reviews to understand possible problems reported by other users.

If you discover a lot of negative reviews or if the app asks for a lot of permissions that don't seem to be related to its function, it is better to consider other options. The overall user experience can give you a good guide to whether an app is safe and reliable.

3. Application Rights:

When downloading an application, it is important to consider the permissions it requires. The permissions give the app access to various features on your device. If the permissions an app asks for seem excessive or irrelevant to its function, it may be a sign of problems.

For example, an application that manages your camera or your personal files should not require access to your contacts or your location unless there is a clear reason to do so.

During installation, your device will display the permissions required by the application. If anything looks suspicious or unnecessary, you can refuse to download the app. Also, consider the purpose of the app: a photo editor doesn't need access to your contacts.

Reviewing permissions before downloading is an important step in keeping your device and your personal data secure.


4. Creator's Updates and Ratings:

Before downloading an app, check if the developer provides frequent updates for their app. Updates show not only the developer's commitment to improving performance and fixing bugs, but also to protecting against potential security vulnerabilities.

Look at the historical performance of the author's updates. A developer who frequently updates their application shows not only a commitment to development, but also a willingness to address potential security issues.

Also read the reviews about the author. An ambitious and credible creator will most likely have good feedback from users, demonstrating that their app is well received.

By choosing apps from trusted developers, you achieve not only safe downloading, but also improve and stability of your device.

5. Unwanted Applications and Anti-Malware:

To protect your device from malware and unwanted applications, install a reliable anti-malware. There are many apps in the Google Play Store that offer protection against malware attacks, viruses and other security threats.

These apps can scan your device to detect and remove potential threats. In addition, they can provide features such as app permission control, alerts for unwanted apps, and suggestions for security optimization.

In addition, be aware of the applications used to control and manage notifications, as some of them may contain unwanted advertisements or malware. Keep your malware scanner software up to date for optimal protection.

So, by choosing the right software, you enhance the security of your device and provide additional protection against threats that can occur when downloading and using applications.

So we can conclude how important it is to be careful about the applications we put on our device. At iReady we can "clean" your device through the appropriate tools and even in the worst case scenario we can recover your lost data back.